Authentication Tools Previewed in Visual Studio 2015

Upcoming release will include some developer-requested features integrated into ADAL .NET and .NET Core to streamline use of OpenID and OAuth app protocols.

Alex Simons, Microsoft director of program management for Active Directory, bloged about a few new tool previews for streamlining authentication in apps developed with Visual Studio 2015.

On the identity side, ASP.NET and .NET Core now have support for OpenID and OAuth 2.0 bearer tokens, which means developers don't have to take any extra steps to authenticate apps through OpenID Connect. "The authentication logic [the ASP.NET templates] generate is now based on the OWIN middleware and OpenId Connect," Simon said, and he stated that that logic is similar to the logic generated for the "Configure Azure AD Authentication …" dialog.

Even though there are no templates available for working with the OpenID and OAuth token middleware, Microsoft's Vittorio Bertocci blogged separately that the support "should make it easier for you to write portable logic for pipeline-bound operations, such as claims augmentation, custom request validation and the like."

There's also been an update to the Azure Active Directory Authentication Library for .NET (ADAL .NET), which has been in the works since October last year. Simon wrote that they come by way of specific developer requests. One of the features is support for the Xamarin Unified API for iOS in 64-bit form, which means apps can now maintain compliance with the Apple iTunes 64-bit-only app policy. ADAL .NET also adds support for .NET Core, which is necessary "so that you can run ADAL in your ASP.NET 5 projects and consume API from Azure, Office 365 and any other API protected by Azure AD," he said.

Find out more, and read the.NET Web Development and Tools Blog for a deeper dive into the authentication features integrated into ASP.NET and .NET Core.

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