Mainly Fixes in Visual Studio Online Sprint 79

Improvements to Kanban boards and bug fixes in this sprint means the march to final gets nearer and nearer.

Microsoft's Brian Harry blogged about the latest Visual Studio Online Sprint, which is mainly bug fixes, but also is the manifestation of the Visual Studio Online team's attempts to deliver on lots of more popular user-requested features that have appeared in the UserVoice priority list.

"We delivered the No. 3 item on the list with 2,203 votes.  Of course, we are also working on the No. 1 and No. 2 items. But, that's one very popular item delivered and 2,203 votes released to vote on something else," said Harry.

Some of the more signficant changes have to do with the Kanban boards, but of utmost importance is a query token "that returns the current iteration based on today's date," said Microsoft's Aaron Bjork, in a separate blog post. Bjork said that the @CurrentIteration query token can't be plugged into an Excel spreadsheet because of the information that's missing from the token that Excel would need to determine the most current iteration, but said that the team is working to get it right.

As for the changes to the Kanban boards, the backlog boards now support additons, inline editing and reordering. There's also a way to furnish information to a team that clearly indicates which projects are finished. The information is communicated on the board mainly as an "information" icon, which team members can click in order to see the definition. Kanban boards also can be resized in responsive design mode, with board resizing automatically to fit within the browser in which it's being viewed.

The responsive design carries over to Taskboards, except for the horizontal size. Developers can also have bugs appear on Taskboards, and bugs can be specified to more granular bug tracking. (Harry blogged soon after about a backlog issue in which bugs were disappearing from them; the problem has since been corrected for the few people for which it was an issue. For running service issues with Visual Studio Online, check out the Service Blog.)

Most of these changes were being rolled out at the time of Harry's blog, but should be readily available as of this writing. Find out more about Visual Studio Online Sprint 79 at Harry's blog.

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