Azure Toolkit for Eclipse March Release Now Supports Mac, Linux

The collection of templates and functions for building Eclipse apps running on Azure now has support for building apps from Mac and Ubuntu.

Martin Sawicki, a program manager with the Microsoft Open Technologies Group, blogs about a new release of the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse that now supports Linux and Mac platforms. The March 2015 release (version 2.5.2) is in preview, and Sawicki warns that development should only be targeted toward test environments for the time being.

The Azure Toolkit for Eclipse is a collection of templates and functions for creating, developing, configuring, testing and deploying apps built in the Eclipse open source environment and targeting to Microsoft's Azure cloud environment. The toolkit allows Eclipse developers to program against the more popular Azure services, such as Storage, Service Bus, and Azure SQL Database via Azure SDK APIs for Java.

Version 2.5.2 works with Mac and has been tested to work with Ubuntu. The Toolkit also supports automation of the build/publish process outside of Eclipse via the Apache Ant build system, with support for Tomcat and Jetty Application Servers build automation directly to the Azure cloud. This version can also use Application Insights to track information statistics originating from Java apps. It also supports newer version of the Zulu OpenJDK package.

Azure Toolkit for Eclipse 2.5.2 can be downloaded from Github here.

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