Windows 10 SDK Build Updated

Developers registered with the Windows Insiders program got first crack at the changes made to most recent Windows 10 SDK released earlier this week.

Developers who are registered with the Windows Insiders program were the first to get their hands on the most recent Windows 10 SDK update, an update which often follows each Windows 10 preview flight, according to Clint Rutkas, a Microsoft program manager working on the Windows team.

"With the preview releases of the Windows 10 SDK, we are matching each OS flight delivered to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring," wrote Rutkas in a blog about Build 10158's release on Monday.

Beside some bug fixes, the update includes new APIs:

  • Windows.Devices.Perception.*
  • Windows.Devices.Perception.Provider.*
  • Windows.Media.Capture.AdvancedCapturedPhoto
  • Windows.Media.Capture.AdvancedPhotoCapture
  • Windows.Media.Media.AdvancedPhoto*
  • Windows.Media.Import.PhotoImport*

and two new types:

  • Windows.Media.Capture.CameraCaptureUI
  • Windows.Security.ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning.EasClientDeviceInformation

Based on comments attached to the blog, the update misses mobile developers. "Waiting for the latest Windows 10 builds for Mobile. Two builds release for PC in this week. Mobile lovers need to new builds quickly. Hurry up guys. Keep it up," writes commenter Gihan Wanninayake.

Downloading the Windows 10 developer tools requires registration into the Windows Insider program, unless you're working with the Visual Studio 2015 release candidate (in which case, every time you download a reecnt version, you have access to the latest tools) -- more info here.

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