Team Foundation Server 2015 Likely Delayed After July 20

Unexpected stream of bug reports means more testing will be needed before final version is released, which might mean it won't be released in final form with the rest of the Microsoft developer tools on July 20. Meanwhile, the team opens up TFS 2015 RC 2 to testers.

Because of an unexpected number of bug reports that have been coming at Microsoft since the last release candidate of Team Foundation Server, Microsoft's Brian Harry earlier this week blogged about a potential delay in the release of the bits. Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 are expected to be released on July 20.

"I've been watching the bugs that have been coming in as a result of our upgrade testing – the severity, the causes and the rate," writes Harry. "I'm just not quite happy with where we are."

Harry explains that the bug reports they've been receiving haven't been catastrophic, but minor and are being discovered during the upgrade process of production TFS servers to TFS 2015.

"The latest set were discovered as a result of some spurious network errors in the middle of an upgrade," he said. "This led us to realize that we had some remaining bugs in our upgrade retry/recovery process. As a result, we are executing a full regimen of "torture testing"/fault injection testing to force random infrastructure failures during upgrades and ensure that recovery is always complete."

With that, Harry notes that the Visual Studio team has made available a second release candidate of TFS 2015 that is "is VERY close to the final bits we will ship." Harry said that this particular release rolls up all the fixes so far. He notes that this version should not be installed on the same machine as Visual Studio 2015 RC which "has to do with some versioning issues on some files that are shared between the two releases,"

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