Azure Mobile Apps Backs Up to Azure Table Storage

A September update to the .NET Server SDK include automated OWIN setup and improved middleware authentication processes.

The Azure Mobile Services team reports on a number of new changes to the .NET Server SDK for Azure Mobile Apps -- a few of them of which are breaking changes -- that are mostly incremental improvements in data connectivity. It's currently in preview as version 0.2.575.

One change of significance is support for Azure Table Storage, which can be accessed once initialized through the TableController. "The Mobile Apps client SDKs all work with this Table Storage domain manager, " according to a blog on the update from Azure Mobile program managers Donna Malayer and Matthew Henderson. "However, currently the iOS client does not support offline sync against a table controller using the StorageDomainManager."

A breaking change that the program managers said is meant to give more control to developers is the way OWIN authentication is handled. "All of our auth components are now in their own OWIN middleware!" they write, which means any ASP.NET app type can use any Mobile App authentication components once integrated properly. As it's a breaking change, they note that they've removed the use of the MobileAppConfiguration.AddAppServiceAuthentication() method.

Another breaking change involves the default database schema used by the .NET Server SDK. Based on user feedback, the default was changed from the mobile app name that was used in the inital Entity Framework setup to just dbo. As it's another breaking change, it just means that users will need to specify the replacement via the DbContext.OnModelCreating() method.

The Azure Mobile Services team emphasizes that the .NET Server SDK for Azure Mobile Apps is still in preview. Full details are in the blog.

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