Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 1.1 Has More (Intelli)Sense

New version is a point release, with bug fixes and more polished performance, but it also incorporates a cleaner looking mode fo IntelliSense.

The Node.js team announced a point release of its Node.js Tools for VS. NTVS 1.1 adds some streamlining to some features when working with Node.js and rolls up fixes since 1.0.

New is support for Node.js 4.x. As well, there's now a Quick IntelliSense level added to the variations of IntelliSense that can be used when performing code analysis. Quick IntelliSense is like IntelliSense-"lite" for a less cluttered coding experience. One other option is a preview of another IntelliSense level, ES6 IntelliSense. The preview is a look at a replacement for a "homegrown Node.js static analysis engine." As such, using the preview requires TypeScript 1.6 to be installed.

The team also set out to improve debugging issues that were reported by users. "So if breakpoints weren't working properly sometimes, or your app was having trouble running under the debugger, or things were generally inconsistent then hopefully this'll help," wrote Node.js team members Sara Itani and Arunesh Chandra, in a blog. They also said that performance has been improved particularly with projects that have lots of dependencies. "In some cases, we have seen over 80% gain in load times of large projects," they said.

NTVS 1.1 also includes support for Code Snippets for easy insertion of snippets of code from a context menu, and support for the latest version of npm 3.

NTVS 1.1 supports VS versions 2012, 2013 and 2015.

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