Visual Studio: Team Explorer Everywhere Updated To Support Eclipse Mars

Incremental update version 14.0.2 of the Eclipse plugin supports Mars, mixed repository use in projects.

The Visual Studio Team released an incremental update to Team Explorer Everywhere, an Eclipse plugin. TEE 14.0.2 now supports Eclipse Mars and ability to work projects that used a mix of repositiories.

In a nutshell, Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere offers developers using Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server environments to gain native-like functionality while working within the open source Eclipse software and services development platform. Eclipse is the latest version, released back in June.

Version 14.0.2's support for Mars means Visual Studio is playing catch-up now that it supports the latest version. Meanwhile, TEE 14.0.2 also still retains support for earlier Eclipse versions, down to the Galileo release version 3.5.

The ability of TEE 14.0.2 to be able to support projects using a mix of repositories is significant. "Previously, each Team Foundation Project could either have TFVC or Git repositories, but not both," wrote VS Team Member Jason Scholl, in a blog post. "Now you can have both."

Scholl lists a number of other improvements in his blog, including: server connection caching; improved TFVC Git operations reliability with Java versions 1.7 and newer and TFVC local workspace scanning; and improved error notifications and diagnostics logging.

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