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Cross-Platform Dev Approach That Isn't Xamarin

Xamarin this, Xamarin that. But not all cross-platform is Xamarin. Have you heard of one other option, like React Native?

Hand's up if you've used Xamarin to develop mobile apps and ported those apps to iOS and/or Android. Keep those hands up if also tried or used React Native in a project. I'm going to guess that not that many hands are still in the air. Even so, it's an interesting platform, as Facebook takes the "write once, deploy everwhere" approach on its head. The approach is slightly different, but not really. So, with the number of cross-plat tools in VS, why is Microsoft resistant to React Native?

My colleague David Ramel writes that there's already a few ways to make React Native connections and one by extension, so to speak. He points to a Microsoft piece that demonstrates a new React Native extension available for use with Visual Studio Code (and, and also compares it to Apache Cordova).

With that and "Considering that Xamarin itself recently acquired RoboVM, which uses Java to build cross-platform mobile apps, there seemingly was less incentive for Microsoft to include yet another cross-platform mobile technology in Visual Studio," explains Ramel. What's interesting is that he also points a UserVoice post asking whether users would want React Native support. The low number of responses would seem to indicate "No," yet there were lots of responses for React Web support. Go figure.

Is React Native on your radar or something you've seriously considered using for cross-platform development? LMK in the comments.

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