Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Version 6 Update 7 Released

A few new features -- error reporting, new project default, and a number of ionic project starter templates, to name a few -- as well as bug fixes, round out this update.

An update to the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova 6.0, aka TACO, was released last week, and it adds a number of of new features as well as rounds up some bug fixes.

Among the new features in Update 7 is an improved error reporting experience that developers have been asking for. "You have told us that you need better error reporting," writes Michael Braude, the Development Manager for TACO, in a blog post. "In update 7 we have attempted to addressed this and have taken an important first step towards improving this experience."

Braude said to consider the error-reporting improvements to be work in progress: "We do not expect the error messages to be perfect, but we hope that they are more useful than they've been in the past." For those who are interested in helping to improve TACO's error reporting, he suggests that developers who encounter errors provide feedback via the e-mail address listed in his post.

This TACO update also includes new ionic project starter templates for creating blank apps, sidemenus, and tabs that can be used across devices. (Ionic is used mainly for creating tabs-based apps.) As well, project templates across the board have been refined for a "modern look."

Bug fixes include an installation problem when installing a node package with the last update, which occurred when a user name contained a space. There was also a problem with restore failures when restoring from an NPM package that had a name mismatch, which has since been fixed.

To find out more, check out Braude's post. To read more about TACO and participate in its ongoing development, go to

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