Robotics Development Platform RTX64 Now Has Visual Studio 2015 Support

Kingstar's RTX64 2014 software extensions now support development via Visual Studio 2015 through a recent update.

Kingstar, a maker of real-time software extensions for Windows systems used in industrial automation and digital media, said it has now built in Visual Studio 2015 support into its RTX64 2014 with Service Pack 2 Update. The update allows for the creation, development, and debugging of real-time applications right from within the VS IDE.

"We developed RTX64 2014 to dovetail specifically with Windows 64-bit OS and with continued support for Microsoft products like Visual Studio 2015, it is an even more powerful and valuable product for our worldwide customers," said CEO Jeffrey Hibbard, through a press release.

Real-time apps are those that are often used in embedded systems used for industrial automation (often, robotics and automated controls), testing and measurement sytems, medical applications, and even GPS systems. Kingstar provides a line of real-time hardware, and its RTX64 platform provides developer-enabled extensions to the operating systems embedded in those systems and apps.

With the VS 2015 support built in, it's now possible to "create real-time applications and DLLs with provided templates and programs using the multithreaded static version of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 C Runtime libraries." It also includes debugging support via Microsoft's debug engine.

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