dotConnect ADO.NET Data Providers Support Newest Entity Framework

Providers for Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite 5.5, and DB 2.0 can now work with Entity Framework Core 1.0 RC1.

Devart has released new versions of its dotConnect ADO.NET Data Providers that now support Entity Framework Core 1.0 RC1, and the company says it has significantly improved dotConnect for Oracle with OracleLoader enhancements, Performance Counters support, and Transaction Guard support, to name a few.

According to a description on GitHub, Entity Framework Core is a lightweight data access technology that "provides a familiar developer experience to EF6.x, including LINQ, POCO, and Code First support." New versions of Devart's tools support EF Core RC1. Providers with EF Core RC1 support are available for Oracle 9.0, MySQL 8.5, PostgreSQL 7.5, SQLite 5.5, and DB2 2.0. Each provider also contains Entity Framework-related assemblies that have been renamed to conform to EF Core RC1.

The company has also made a significant number of impovements to its dotConnect for Oracle. What's new is that OracleLoader (used for loading external data to Oracle) adds an Options property that allows for configuring how data is loaded. Also new are a LoadTable method (specify how to load rows), and partitioned loading, and a RowsCopied event for tracking data loading progress.

dotConnect for Oracle also includes support for a number of performance counters, and improved Transaction Guard.

A comprehensive list of features for the updated providers can be viewed here.

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