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All of Visual Studio 2017 Visually In One Suite Release

Nifty, printable info graphic shows everything new and updated in the latest developer suite.

Visual Studio 2017's new and updated features, if you read everything that has come out of the development pipelines in the last year since Build 2016, can be overwhelming to the senses. Sometimes a visual depiction can provide developers with the focus they need to look at some of the goodies as well as some of those hidden gems that make this release worth upgrading to.

So, that's what the VS team did, put all of those goodies and hidden gems into an infographic posted on their site and ready for printing. Besides some quick tips on Advanced IntelliSense, Live Code Analysis, and a whole host of new shortcut keys for every facet of development, there are also links to pages for extensions, a nifty mini-graphic of the many layers of .NET, and language-specific changes, all depicted graphically. You can find the poster here. (You can also view the VS 2017 release notes, which provide the usual text descriptions of all the newness, here.)

If you end up printing this up and posting it, we'd love for you to send photos of you with the wall you tape this poster on.

On a side note: Several companies responded to my last column, who wanted to be added to the list of companies supporting Visual Studio 2017. See that last column here for that growing and updated list.

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Know of an interesting link, or does your company have a new or updated product or service targeted at Visual Studio developers? Tell me about it at [email protected].

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