Syncfusion Beefs Up Essentials Studio with Visual Studio 2017 Support

Syncfusion Essential Studio 2017 adds bevy of new controls for charts, text, and provides more responsive menus. Bonus: It's all now .NET Standard-compliant.

Syncfusion added a bevy of new controls for charts, text, and provides more responsive menus to its Syncfusion Essential Studio 2017 Volume 1. The bonus is that it's now all .NET Standard-compliant, as it was released a few weeks ago to coincide with Microsoft's release of Visual Studio 2017.

The company highlights quite a few of the controls in its press release, but here's a highlight list of those highlights:

  • Sunburst chart controls: shows hierarchical data in a circular chart, and it supports use in ASP.NET and JavaScript platforms; sunburst chart also can be drilled down when used in WPF and UWP apps.
  • Data grid: WPF version has improved performance; version for Xamarin.Forms allows data editing and column resizing.
  • Box and whisker: New chart series supports use in JavaScript, WPF, UWP, and all ASP.NET platforms.
  • Bar code: Can now render UPC-A bar codes when used in JavaScript, UWP, and WPF apps.
  • Diagram: Supports defining hyperlinks for nodes and connectors; supports text overflow for labels (can be clipped or ellipses); diagrams can be exported as stretch images; support for generating UML activity shapes.
  • Menu: Menu control is now responsive when used in desktop or mobile app, with desktop menus overflowing into a popup. flow into a pop up in desktop mode.

Changes and additions to all the controls is in this "What's New" page on the company's site.

Syncfusion Essential Studio 2017 Volume 1 is $1,995 for the Enterprise Edition that contains about 800 controls, with pricing for platform-specific controls as well as unlimited flat-fee licensing available by contacting Syncfusion.

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