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Video Sessions from VSLive! Now Available

We've updated the videos recorded at the Redmond, Boston and Orlando shows. This week's .NET Podcast features a podcast stream of John Papa's session in Orlando on choosing a mobile direction for your company.

With VSLive! Austin just a few weeks away (you know you want more info; it's here), we've finally done something we've long ignored as an issue of time: We've updated the videos on the Live! Video page. Yep, that long-neglected page has been updated with all the sessions from the last few conferences that the conference group taped.

One of the bonuses is that when the conference group was up in Redmond, we were able to use the services of the Channel 9 folks. There's quite a bit of content from that conference, including: Nick Landry on programming for IoT, Benjamin Day on feature flag deployments, and James Montemagno on building your first mobile app with Xamarin.

In this week's .NET Insight Podcast, we have an excerpt from John Papa's session at VSLive! Orlando in December, which is all about the decisonmaking that one's company should be going through when considering mobile development.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Here are a handful of other links I've run across that might be useful to you, in no particular order and definitely not conforming to any particular theme: Extending Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core Applications

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Scott Hanselman: Penny Pinching in the Cloud: Lift and Shift vs App Services - When a VM in the Cloud isn't what you want

Maarten Balliauw {blog}: Making string validation faster by not using a regular expression. A story.

Alois Kraus: The Definitive Serialization Performance Guide

Visual Studio Magazine: Creating a Custom Start Page in Visual Studio 2017

Redmond Magazine: How To Set Up Windows To Go

Know of an interesting link, or does your company have a new or updated product or service targeted at Visual Studio developers? Tell me about it at [email protected].

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