Firms Team Up to Migrate Windows Desktop Apps to Web in Azure Cloud

.NET dev specialists Syncfusion and Mobilize.Net have entered a partnership to help customers migrate legacy desktop applications to the Azure cloud, where they're reborn as Web apps.

Syncfusion is known for its wide variety of .NET-centric UI dev components, such as the Essential JS 2 JavaScript-based UI controls -- written in TypeScript -- that support ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Angular and other frameworks.

Mobilize.Net, meanwhile, offers WebMAP, which the company says transforms legacy desktop apps to the Web, mobile or cloud. Specifically, says its tool automatically strips out Windows UI code -- such as that provided by Microsoft Windows Forms -- and converts it to Angular with HTML/CSS/JSON, while back-end code is converted to Microsoft's ASP.NET Core and business logic is left intact.

During this week's Microsoft Ignite conference, the two companies announced a partnership to combine the above technologies to help Mobilize.Net customers migrate their apps to the Web, minus the "stripping out Windows UI code" part. Instead, Syncfusion UI code used in customer apps is left intact throughout the migration to the Web. The partnership is enabled by the release of the Syncfusion EJ2 Adaptor for WebMAP.

"With the release of the Syncfusion EJ2 Adaptor for WebMAP, Mobilize.Net's customers can more easily migrate their legacy applications to the Web, and also add a future-ready user interface with powerful data visualization by connecting to our EJ2 controls," said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion, in a news release.

Mobilize.Net's John Browne provided details about the new partnership in a Monday (Sept. 27) blog post, providing examples of Syncfusion UI components.

"Syncfusion has some super cool components for ASP.NET Core," he said. "Who wouldn't want to have one of these [providing animated examples of Syncfusion components] in their Web application? And now, for customers who already have those kinds of UI elements in their Winforms apps, migration to the Web (using WebMAP and Syncfusion's EJ2 Adaptor) means you can."

Browne said that while Monday's announcement signaled Syncfusion's support for WebMAP, the code is still in beta. The news release didn't say when the Syncfusion EJ2 Adaptor for Mobilize.Net's WebMAP modernization solution would be operational.

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