New 101-Level Instructional .NET Videos Unveiled

Fresh on the heels of .NET Core 3.0, Microsoft's Scott Hanselman unveiled a months-long project to provide entry-level instructional videos on all things .NET, ranging from "What is C#?" to ".NET for Apache Spark 101."

"There's nearly a hundred short videos (with more to come!) that will teach you topics like C# 101, .NET, making desktop apps, making ASP.NET web apps, learning containers and Dockers, or even starting with Machine Learning," Hanselman said in a Sept. 24 post. "There's a ton of great, slow-paced beginner videos. Most are less than 10 minutes long and all are organized into Playlists on YouTube!"

Links and descriptions of the YouTube videos are presented on the new .NET Videos site under the .NET Learning Center.

Furthermore, the videos are available on Microsoft's Channel 9 video site and can be downloaded via an RSS feed.

.NET Videos
[Click on image for larger view.] .NET Videos (source: Microsoft).

Likely to be of special interest right now are .NET Core 101 and ASP.NET Core 101, as the big milestone .NET Core 3.0 just dropped yesterday, along with Visual Studio 2019 16.3, the VS version required to wrangle the new open source, cross-platform Core offerings.

"If you are getting started, I'd recommend starting with these three series in this order - C#, .NET, then ASP.NET," Hanselman said. "After that, pick the topics that make you the happiest."

Hanselman and Kendra Havens introduce the series in the video "What is .NET? | .NET Core 101."

"These videos are a great resource," Hanselman said in the video. "We've done videos on C#, a whole series and this video that you're watching right now is actually the beginning of the .NET Core 101 tutorial series. And there's going to be tutorials on databases, and cloud, and all these other things. So these videos and the web are a wonderful resource. Stay tuned."

In his post, Hanselman asked for feedback on topics that developers would like to see covered, and noted that higher-level C# classes were being developed.

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