Xamarin Developer Summit Videos Available On Demand

Developers can revisit last summer's Xamarin Developer Summit with a series of instructional videos for the mobile development framework.

Mobile coders can avail themselves of more than 25 session videos from the event, which are available as a YouTube playlist or on Microsoft's Channel 9 video site, with more said to be coming over the next few weeks.

Top sessions teased by the dev team include:

  • Let's Make Crazy Beautiful UI with Xamarin.Forms
    "Our very own David Ortinau shows off 4 beautiful designs and demonstrates the techniques used to create them. He covers layout, styling, bindings, animations, behaviors, drawing, and more."
  • Thinking outside of the box with Xamarin.Forms
    "In this session, Microsoft MVP Glenn Versweyveld, shows us how to think outside the box. Tackling several common UI problems that Xamarin.Forms developers face and solving them with minimal use of Custom Renderers."
  • Bring Stunning Animations to your Apps with Lottie
    "Lastly, Martijn van Dijk, expands on how to use Lottie for beautiful animations. As well as shows off use with any iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS, and Xamarin.Forms apps."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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