Microsoft Offers New Documentation for Blazor and gRPC in ASP.NET Core

With .NET 5 release candidates on tap ahead of an official November GA debut, Microsoft has published new documentation for some of the hottest ASP.NET Core components, including Blazor and gRPC.

Blazor is getting the most attention in the ASP.NET Core ecosystem these days, with client-side and server-side components that allow for browser-based web development entirely in C#, though it will also work with the more traditional, mainstay programming language for the web, JavaScript.

gRPC is an open source remote procedure call system created at Google in 2015 that's being positioned as a replacement for Windows Communication Foundation (WFC), which is part of the old .NET Framework that didn't make the transition to .NET Core.

For Blazor, new articles in the documentation include:

That second topic, lazy loading, was just introduced for Blazor WebAssembly (the client-side component) in the recent release of .NET 5 Preview 8, the last preview before two release candidates that are coming up.

"Lazy loading enables you to improve the load time of your Blazor WebAssembly app by deferring the download of specific app dependencies until they are required," said Daniel Roth, principal program manager, ASP.NET, in an Aug. 25 blog post. "Lazy loading may be helpful if your Blazor WebAssembly app has large dependencies that are only used for specific parts of the app."

A Hot Topic
A Hot Topic (source: Ivan Sanz Carasa).

For gRPC, Microsoft has recently published:

Speaking of that first topic on JSON Web APIs, Microsoft in June released gRPC-Web for .NET (and Blazor), describing it as a substitute for JSON, with better performance.

"We've worked with the Blazor team to make gRPC-Web a great end-to-end developer experience when used in Blazor WebAssembly apps," Microsoft's James Newton-King, principal software engineer, ASP.NET, said in a June 16 blog post. "Not only will gRPC tooling automatically generate strongly typed clients for you to call gRPC services from your Blazor app, but gRPC offers significant performance benefits over JSON."

gRPC has also been a focal point of Visual Studio Magazine writer Peter Vogel, who wrote the following articles on the WCF replacement.

Microsoft, which detailed the above new docs in a recent "what's new" in ASP.NET Core post, also indicated it published a new article titled Publish an ASP.NET Core web API to Azure API Management with Visual Studio.

The post lists many other updated articles on Blazor, gRPC and MVC and thanked 20 community contributors for helping out on the open source project.

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