Syncfusion Previews WinUI Controls

Syncfusion's latest update to its various third-party development controls and tools provides preview support for WinUI, Microsoft's UI framework for all Windows apps across both Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The Research Triangle Park, N.C., company makes more than 1,600 components and frameworks for mobile, web and desktop development, focusing on Microsoft dev products like WinUI, Xamarin, Blazor and more.

In the third update of the year, Syncfusion Essential Studio 2020 Volume 3, the company includes a WinUI 3 preview, featuring:

  • Chart
  • DataGrid
  • TreeGrid
  • Radial Gauge
  • TreeView
  • Barcode
  • Badge
  • ColorPicker and DropDownColorPicker
  • ColorPalette and DropDownColorPalette

"Many enterprises have older business-critical desktop applications," Syncfusion said. "Thanks to WinUI, Microsoft's new platform for building UIs that are easy to use on any Windows device, those apps can be updated with a modern appearance. Syncfusion's WinUI suite embraces all the benefits of Microsoft's new platform. Currently in preview, the Syncfusion WinUI toolkit contains 11 controls -- including charts, grids, and gauges -- and is compatible with WinUI 3 Preview 2."

WinUI Charts
[Click on image for larger view.] WinUI Charts (source: Syncfusion).

On the mobile side, the offering has support for AndroidX through Xamarin.Forms 4.5, along with enhancements to various controls.

On the web side, the red-hot Blazor project from Microsoft -- an open source framework for coding web apps with C#/XAML instead of JavaScript -- also received some attention, as Syncfusion Blazor components are now compatible with the milestone .NET 5 release coming next week. Other Blazor components, ranging from Kanban to DateTime Picker, have been deemed to be production-ready, meeting industry standards.

The offering also includes controls for Flutter, JavaScript, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Java (including a new file-format library that allows Word files to be modified in Java applications) and more.

More information is provided in a blog post, release notes, a what's new page and a roadmap.

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