Reports: Expired NuGet Cert Borks .NET 5 Apps on Debian Linux

Apparently an expired NuGet certificate has today caused .NET 5 projects to stop working on Debian Linux, according to multiple reports.

About 10 a.m. EDT a post on the Hacker News development-oriented social site declared: "All .NET 5 projects build failing because MS certificate has expired."

That was quickly followed by this post: ".NET NuGet Package Validation Broken: Certificate Expired."

The NuGet organization quickly published its own post (issue #10591) titled "NuGet restore failing on .NET 5 for Debian-based OSes (CA trust changed)."

NuGet Status Site
[Click on image for larger view.] NuGet Status Site (source: NuGet).

Approximately four hours later NuGet followed up on the matter with issue #49 titled "NuGet restore failing on .NET 5 for Debian-based OSes."

In the latter post, NuGet said, "Our preliminary investigation shows that .NET 5 restore is broken for Debian-based operating systems including Docker." Furthermore, Debian 10 ("buster") and earlier versions are affected, but not Debian testing ("bullseye") and later.

NuGet Post
[Click on image for larger view.] NuGet Post Workarounds (source: NuGet).

"This is because of an issue reported in the ca-certificates package in which the root CA being used are not trusted and must be installed manually due to Symantec Issues. Because this issue has been resolved recently in version 20210119 of this package, it is not available in a Debian version as provided in dotnet-docker for buster-slim today."

The latter NuGet post (#49) lists three workarounds and a solution, which reads:

We're currently working to update the dotnet-docker's buster-slim image to update the ca-certificates package to 20210119 that resolves this issue. We are however currently verifying this is a viable solution with no large diffs between the buster and bullseye releases.

Additionally, the ca-certificates package is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive which will promote this fix to the buster release in the next few days to which an updated buster-slim image will be prepared and released when available.

NuGet said it would post updates on issue #10491 and #49.

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