What's the Top App Model Used by .NET Developers?

Echoing an earlier report on the popularity of ASP.NET in the .NET/C# tech stack, a new survey from the .NET Foundation finds the web framework dominates the ranking of app models used by respondents.

We reported on that earlier survey, "DevSkiller IT skills report 2021: Demand and hiring trends," in February.

"ASP.NET is seen in almost half of all .NET/C# tech stack," the DevSkiller report said. "ASP.NET leads the way for the .NET/C# tech stack once again with a whopping 45.93 percent. This is the second year running where the ASP.NET web app framework has topped the list, highlighting the continued importance of web development in the .NET/C# tech stack.

".NET server technology, SQL Server (36.90 percent), overtook MVC (36.35 percent) by a narrow margin to come in second place this year. Not far behind was .NET Core with 26.04 percent, while Entity Framework came in the fifth position with 19.35 percent."

Top .NET/C# Stack Skills in earlier DevSkiller Report
[Click on image for larger view.] Top .NET/C# Stack Skills in Earlier DevSkiller Report (source: DevSkiller).

The brand-new .NET Foundation survey's .NET Usage component finds much the same thing, with ASP.NET variants dominating the list of most-used app models, topped by ASP.NET Web API. Like the earlier survey, it's followed by a data-oriented component in second place, this one being Entity Framework instead of SQL Server. Overall, six ASP.NET variants pepper the top 10 list. After ASP.NET Web API at No. 1, listed by about 74 percent of 4,459 respondents, they are:

  • ASP.NET MVC (No. 3)
  • ASP.NET SignalR (No. 6)
  • ASP.NET Blazor (No. 7)
  • ASP.NET Razor Pages (No. 8)
  • ASP.NET WebForms (No. 10)

Here's the full list:

Which .NET App Models do you use?
[Click on image for larger view.] Which .NET App Models do you use? (source: .NET Foundation).

The web focus is prevalent in another question asking about what types of apps respondents are building, with the top two answers being web services/APIs and web apps, followed by console, libraries, miroservices, native desktop apps, mobile apps and games:

What type of apps are you building?
[Click on image for larger view.] What type of apps are you building? (source: .NET Foundation).

Other questions about .NET usage and the top three responses for each include:

  • Which .NET App Models do you use?
    1. .NET 5
    2. .NET Core 3.1 LTS
    3. .NET Framework 4.0 - 4.72
  • What SPA framework are you using?
    1. Angular
    2. Blazor
    3. React
  • What development tools do you use?
    1. Visual Studio
    2. Visual Studio Code
    3. GitHub
  • What languages are you currently using?
    1. C#
    2. JavaScript
    3. TypeScript
  • What languages have you used in the last year?
    1. C#
    2. JavaScript
    3. TypeScript
  • What languages are you interested in learning?
    1. C#
    2. Rust
    3. TypeScript
  • Which cloud providers do you use?
    1. Microsoft Azure
    2. Amazon Web services
    3. None

This first-ever survey of the .NET community survey by the .NET Foundation was conducted from Nov. 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021, collecting 4,509 responses. Full methodology, as well as a data dump of the raw results, along with other survey components touching upon .NET Foundation Awareness & Value, Open Source Participation and Participant Demographics, is available here.

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