Microsoft Helps Qualcomm with New Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows 10 Arm PCs

Microsoft helped out Qualcomm Technologies with the chip maker's new Snapdragon Developer Kit to support power-efficient mobile processors.

Snapdragon mobile platforms are built to enable immersive experiences, fast connectivity and cutting-edge performance, according to its site.

"Built in collaboration with Microsoft, this Windows 10 on Arm-based developer kit is a cost-effective resource for developers to verify and validate their solutions to help ensure great user experiences for working, learning and collaborating on Snapdragon-enabled Windows 10 PCs," Qualcomm said in a May 24 news release.

Snapdragon Developer Kit
Snapdragon Developer Kit (source: Qualcomm).

The kit will be available via the Microsoft Store this summer.

Qualcomm noted that this is just the latest collaboration effort between the two companies, which includes last year's expansion of Microsoft's App Assure Program to Windows 10 on Arm PCs powered by Snapdragon compute platforms, along with the optimization of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio Code.

"We understand the importance of having a reliable development vehicle for developers to test their applications, which is why we have collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies for the Snapdragon Developer Kit," said Microsoft's Hari Pulapaka, program manager for the Windows Partner Group."We look forward to seeing how developers take full advantage of the Snapdragon Developer Kit for their Windows 10 on Arm development needs."

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