Migrating VB6 Code to .NET 6? Here's a Tool

Mobilize.Net has updated its Visual Basic migration tool to support .NET 6.

The firm specializes in migration software, with offerings for WinForms-to-web/cloud, VB6-to-.NET, Silverlight-to-HTML and other conversions.

The update, Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 9.3 (VBUC), has UI targeting options for the latest .NET versions, .NET 5 and .NET 6, for both C# and VB.NET. "This means VB.NET developers can keep using VB, and go to .NET, and get to .NET Core all at once," the company said in a March 9 news release.

Upon running, the tool uses AI-assisted algorithms to emit human-readable source code with all symbol names and comments preserved, even for VB6, which has been out of support for more than 10 years.

Mobilize.Net (source: Mobilize.Net).

"Because of the popularity of .NET Core, this version of VBUC means that developers will get access to many more Visual Basic components including Telerik, Grapecity, DevExpress and more," the company said.

The tool is available in a free trial that comes with more than 20MB of sample code, including controls and a fictional VB6 ERP system for migration testing.

"Developers want to spend their time creating new features and functionality," said Tom Button, CEO of Mobilize.Net. "Mobilize.Net VBUC enables organizations to migrate their legacy VB workloads and liberate their developers to focus on strategic work vs migrating old code bases."

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