GrapeCity Report Tooling Brings Web Designer to Blazor

Development toolmaker GrapeCity's recent ActiveReports. NET v17 release "brings the Web Designer to the Blazor framework," the company said in announcing the latest update to its developers' design toolkit "for intuitive and dynamic reports."

GrapeCity is one of several third-party tooling vendors that Microsoft mentions in its UI component ecosystem documentation for Blazor, Microsoft's ASP.NET Core component for building web projects with C# instead of JavaScript. The others are Telerik, DevExpress, Syncfusion, Radzen, Infragistics and jQWidgets.

"Much like the standard Web Designer, both server-side and client-side functionality is required for the Blazor Web Designer," GrapeCity said in a Feb. 8 announcement. "Additionally, the team has included more customizations to the Web Designer UI. Developers can enable or disable entire UI tabs in addition to individual properties, perform everyday editor actions from code and check the statuses with the editor function, and much more."

The new ActiveReports. NET v17 update comes on the heels of the December releases of GrapeCity Documents v6, which introduced two new controls, as well as several features for business document processing. The company said the controls used to view and edit images and view data files include: JavaScript-based GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer and GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer.

Another December release, ComponentOne 2022 v3, introduced .NET 7 support across the entire product line, along with a first look at the FlexGrid for MAUI preview, enhancements for design-time editors and designers for .NET 6+ controls and more, the company said.

That flagship offering provides hundreds of extensible datagrids, charts, reports, input, schedulers, calendars, ribbons and more for WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor, Xamarin and .NET.

".NET 7 is the successor to .NET 6 and focuses on being unified, modern, simple, and fast," the company said in a blog post. ".NET 7 will be supported by Microsoft for 18 months as a standard-term support (STS). We've ensured that our latest .NET 6 libraries for all platforms work in .NET 7 applications, so you can upgrade whenever you are ready."

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