Microsoft Azure Experts On Tap for Chicago Developer Conference Keynotes

On its Developer Blogs site Microsoft today extended an invitation to join company experts at an upcoming developer conference exploring the latest .NET Microsoft Platform developments.

Microsoft's Jim Harrer extended that invitation to join company developers at the big, five-day Visual Studio Live! Chicago conference slated for April 29 - May 3.

"This year, we're at the SwissĂ´tel Chicago, with sessions covering Microsoft Visual Studio 2022, .NET 8, DevOps, Generative AI (GitHub Copilot and more), MAUI, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Blazor, modern data processing, and more," Harrer said.

He noted that two company Azure experts will present keynotes at the conference titled "Zero to Cloud Hero with Visual Studio" and "Developing Modern Data Applications Using the Power of AI with Azure Databases."

[Click on image for larger view.] Azure Keynotes (source: Microsoft).

Reason to attend, Harrer said, include:

  • Relevant Keynotes by Microsoft Visionaries:
    • Zero to Cloud Hero with Visual Studio (04/30): Tim Heuer and Scott Hunter will show how Visual Studio and .NET 8 can expedite your cloud development journey.
    • Developing Modern Data Applications Using AI with Azure Databases (05/01): Justine Cocchi, Davide Mauri, and Bob Ward will explore building AI-driven applications using Azure Databases.
  • Comprehensive Learning: From seasoned developers to software architects and engineers, enrich your skills with the latest in technology and software development.
  • Live Experience: Move beyond the digital and engage directly with leading experts and peers in a live, interactive setting.
  • Broad Learning Opportunity: Over 70 sessions and more than 30 speakers, including 11 from Microsoft and GitHub, are planned.
  • Networking: Meet and exchange ideas with fellow Visual Studio developers. Enhance your skills in Visual Studio, GitHub, Azure Data, and more.
  • "VS LIVE! Chicago is where learning meets application -- join us to sharpen your skills and connect with the community," he said. "There are several resources available to help you decide if you want to attend or send members of your developer team including: Event Details, Sessions, Speakers and Email your boss.

    "We're excited to collaborate with VS LIVE! to present this array of events and seminars designed to maximize your proficiency with Visual Studio, GitHub, and Azure," Harrer said. "This partnership underscores our commitment to supporting the developer community's growth and success. We eagerly anticipate welcoming many of you to Chicago at the end of April. Together, let's make this an unforgettable experience of learning, networking, and innovation. Have questions? Ask here."

    Conference packages are available for three, four, or all five days, with Harrer sweetening the pot with a special offer for blog readers: a $900 discount off the standard rate for the packages, available with the priority code MSCHI.

    "Discount are reflected on the bottom of the 2nd registration step," he said. "This is our lowest discount and offers a remarkable opportunity for you to join us at a reduced cost. Act quickly -- our room block is rapidly filling up!"

    Q&A articles that provide more information about specific sessions at the conference include:

    The conference, part of a decades-long nationwide series, is presented by the parent company of Visual Studio Magazine.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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