Microsoft Makes UI Changes for Java on VS Code

Java on Visual Studio Code got some UI changes including new sections for the project settings page, along with improvements for Spring development.

In the regular monthly update announced last week, Microsoft's dev team noted new sections on the project settings page:

  • Compiler section: This helps devs set Java compiler-related options, which as of now include source and target compatibility, -release option for cross compilation and customization for class file generation.
  • Maven section: With this, devs can more easily point to active Maven profiles just by clicking on "Maven" and entering the Maven profile names.
Extension Pack for Java
[Click on image for larger view.] Extension Pack for Java (source: Microsoft).

The team also provided easier access to that project settings page while also adding a shortcut for using the formatter in the project section.

Several improvements were also made for Spring development, including:

  • Support for @DependsOn: Support for the @DependsOn annotation has been added, allowing navigation to referenced beans as well as content-assist to quick define which beans the component depends on.
  • Validation for JPQL and HQL queries: JPQL and HQL query strings used in @Query annotations are now validated as part of the regular reconciling, making it easier to to spot errors in those queries. As with all Spring specific validations, users can define the severity of those validations via preferences.
  • Upgrade support for Spring Boot 3.3: The integrated support for upgrade Spring Boot projects to the latest Spring Boot version (using OpenRewrite) has been updated to Spring Boot 3.3.

The team handles the Extension Pack for Java (28.1 million installs) and the Spring Boot Extension Pack (2.4 million installs) for a specialized Spring experience.

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