i3 Upgrade for .NET Apps and SQL Server

Symantec Corp. boosts .NET features in Application Performance Management platform.

Borland, VMware Partner on Testing

VMware Inc. and Borland Software Corp. team up around testing.

VS Beta 2: Bug Fixes, Final Features, Polish and Shine

Microsoft's flagship IDE should ship by December.

App-Scanning Security Tools Fall Short

Vendor’s test finds no clear winner among app-scanning tools.

Watchfire Joins IBM, Focuses on Microsoft

Watchfire Corp. official says .NET focus will continue following sale to IBM Corp.

Search & Destroy Bugs

Learn how to write programs that not only protect themselves from bugs, but that also seek them out and destroy them.

App Virtualization Pays Off for Developers

What started as a quick fix for incompatibility issues has become a viable alternative app-deployment model.

Products: OpenSpan Changes the Game for Application Integration

OpenSpan Monday announced the availability of the OpenSpan Platform 3.1, an application integration environment.

2007 Buyers Guide

Check out our comprehensive list of available products and resources for the Visual Studio .NET developer.

The Best .NET Products of 2007

VSM reveals the best of 2007 with its updated product guide and the announcement of this year's annual Readers Choice Award winners.

Gauntlet: Dive Deeply Into the Build Process

Keep track of build histories with this robust ALM tool that provides continuous integration and code coverage for agile software development.

Madcap Flare 2.5: Create Stunning Help Files

Check out this innovative documentation tool that produces most common documentation file formats from a variety of sources.

Profile: It's All About Quality

Most organizations in software development are interested in application quality; Instantiations is doing something about it.

Altova Delivers on UML 2.1

Altova demonstrated a new version of its UModel 2007, which displays the full UML 2.1.1 compatibility, at VSLive! San Francisco 2007.

Borland Ships Gauntlet Automatic Test Tool

Borland Software adds another piece to its life-cycle quality management tool offering with its shipment of Gauntlet automated build and test software.

Profile: Enerjy Promotes Change in Software Development

To create quality code development teams must continually collect and analyze data on their processes for writing and building applications.

Integrate Modeling and Design Pattern

Learn how combining application modeling with patterns can help you automate your development process. Then delve into how aspect-oriented modeling can help you take full advantage of this approach

Agility Is for Managers, Too

Is there a better way to to deliver a working product on schedule and under budget? A review of Mike Cohen's "Agile Estimating and Planning."

Building Quality Applications

Improving quality during development isn't easy. Only through careful work and testing at all life-cycle stages using better tools will teams be able to deliver higher quality applications.

Achieve Quality by Securing Web Applications

Quality and testing best practices are necessary for delivery of applications that meet today's protection and integrity needs.

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