Agile Advisor

When Going Agile, Feast on Feedback

How to get that all-important feedback needed to make a project successful.

Agile Development: Art, Science or Both?

Properly using agile software development practices requires skillful application of principles from both sides.

The Threat of the Stabilization Phase

Some dev organizations use a stabilization phase as a way to improve quality. But in most cases, it does more harm than good.

What Really Matters in Test-Driven Development

It isn't about the tests -- it's about the feedback.

So Long and Thanks for the All the Manifestos

David Starr traces the evolution of the agile movement from inception to today's "post-agile" practices.

Showing Your Customers the Respect They Deserve

Agile teams must lead the way in valuing and respecting their customers.

SOLID Agile Development

Agile development is about more than churning out code quickly; it also forces you to think about writing software that's more extendable, robust and maintainable.

Leveling Up Agile Requirements

Not only does backlog management impact product architecture, but full adoption of Experience Leveling can also enable faster time-to-production, higher quality, and better user experience.

The Cost of Stories

How can Agile teams put price tags on features? Gregg Boer covers two methods that teams can use to estimate costs.

Unleash the Power of Story Points

Story Points are a crucial aspect of agile development, as they help quantify workload and job estimates. If you're not using them, you're missing out.

Agile Bug Management: Not an Oxymoron

An agile team's goal is to eliminate bug debt. These techniques can help.

Keeping Your Agile Team Safe

Agile processes should encourage your developers to work better -- not be looking over their shoulders.

How Should Agile Respond to Customers?

Why it's both necessary -- and dangerous -- to listen to your customers.

The Product Owner's Dilemma

Agile Advisor columnist Aaron Bjork talks about why it’s both necessary and dangerous to listen to your customers.

Road Rules for Agile Teams

Aaron Bjork talks about the importance of simplicity and clear rules in your software process.

Remaining Work is Key for Agile

Aaron Bjork talks about why remaining work is the most important measurement on your Agile projects.

Motivating an Agile Team

Aaron Bjork talks about how to motivate your agile teams without getting in their way.

Agile Planning Benefits

Agile planning does not mean "no planning"; it means a flexible plan that changes with the situation.

Acceptance Criteria: Get Everyone on the Same Page

Microsoft's Aaron Bjork explores how to use acceptance criteria to get everyone on your team running the same play.

Retrospective Meetings: Agile Learning from the Past

Aaron Bjork talks about the power of learning from the past and gives some insight into how to get the most out of your retrospectives in your Agile projects.

Agile Development and the Daily Standup Meeting

This is the first installment of a new online column written by Aaron Bjork, senior program manager at Microsoft working on Agile experiences and tooling within TFS. This month Aaron looks at daily standup meetings.

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