Classic VB Corner

Mining the Registry for Structures

Need to extract binary data from the registry? Here's a quick primer on reading and interpreting structures stored there.

Prisoner of Geography

When it comes to our understanding of Unicode issues, the "Born in the USA!" chant (no matter how you feel about The Boss) can almost amount to a proclamation of cultural ignorance.

Working with Multiple Monitors

Most of the time it doesn't matter where the user puts your application's windows, but every now and then you really need to know -- or even decide this for yourself.

Forward Compatibility

While moving code backward is nice, what really matters is that code can move forward.

Lemme Tell Ya Where To Stick It

In these days of increasingly common least-privileged users, where should you store your application data?

Got One Right!

Can you name one thing Microsoft designed right the first time?

Executing Debuggables

How do you track down what's really going on inside your compiled EXEs?

Take Control of Window Movements

Hook the window message stream to snap your main window to the screen edges as the user moves it about.

Simple Asynchronous Downloads

No need to add external dependencies, or even call APIs, to easily grab online data.

Are You Safer Now?

Virus detectors can detect more than just bugs -- Karl encounters one such system set off by his code, and shares how he worked around it.

VB Statement Against Vista

VB survived Vista nearly intact, with the glaring exception of one statement. Learn what your options with SendKeys are.

Vista Versus VB

Microsoft's pledge to support the VB 6.0 runtime via Vista may not be as promising as it seems -- here's what you really need to know.

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