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Create Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET 2.0's master pages can help you develop consistent Web apps without the additional overhead of include files, user controls, or third-party add-ins.

Master .NET Configuration Files

Master the art of loading and saving configuration files using Visual Studio .NET. Also, learn about planned changes in VS.NET 2005.

Let Users Save From ASP.NET

Export the content of your ASP.NET pages to standard Office document types to avoid having to create separate reports.

Build Your First .NET Windows Service

Once limited to the domain of C++ and MFC programmers, Windows Services can now be a key part of your .NET applications' infrastructure. Learn how to create a Windows Service application to provide monitoring for your .NET apps.

Make the Best of .NET Resource Files

Drill down on some under-documented techniques for using resource files in your .NET apps, and learn to customize these files for different customers.

Books: Develop Network Programs in .NET

Network Programming in .NET: With C# and Visual Basic .NET shows you how to accomplish network-based programming in .NET using well-known protocols or ones you create yourself.

Create Self-Validating Controls

Learn everything you need to know to write self-validating Windows Forms controls using regular expressions and inheritance.

Increase .NET Performance Using Threads

Increase your users' perceived performance of your .NET application by using multithreading.

Debug Partially Trusted .NET Apps

Learn how to debug applications running on the Internet, embed resources in the assembly manifest, and use regular expressions to filter out duplicates.

Share Controls Between WinForms

Pass a user control from Windows Form to Windows Form to rearrange your graphical user interface (GUI) layout without needing to reinitialize the shared user control and more.

Spice Up Your Windows Forms

Users expect to find popup-style windows, irregularly shaped forms, and collapsible and dockable controls in a robust application. Learn how to implement the three features that can make or break your next Windows Forms app's UI.

Sort in .NET

Sorting provides users with logical views of information. Learn how to implement and customize the sorting features your collections provide.

Parse Text Files With Regular Expressions

Learn to parse fixed-length files and delimited text files, detect when a key combination is pressed, and change the style of the Web control that has the input focus.

Build Effective Speech Apps

Use Microsoft Speech Server 2004 and its new Speech Applications SDK to improve the user experience in your speech apps.

Build Printable ASP.NET Pages

Provide printing capabilities in your ASP.NET apps using server-side controls and JavaScript automation, or by using VS.NET add-in tools such as Crystal Reports.