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Write a Web-Based Unit Test

Take advantage of testing features in Visual Studio Team System for Software Testers to produce higher-quality Web applications.

Leverage Custom Controls

Learn the basic types of custom controls, as well as how to extend them. Also, learn how to take fuller advantage of drag-and-drop within your applications.

Write a Better Windows Service

Writing a Windows service is significantly more involved than many authors would have you believe. Here are the tools you need to create a Windows service robust enough for the real world.

Create Data-Bound Controls With ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET 2.0 lets you build a data-bound custom control that ensures your data is always displayed consistently.

Simplify Coding With Visualizers

Take advantage of visualizers in Visual Studio 2005 to make yourself more productive; also learn how to create your own custom visualizers.

Determine Performance Requirements

Take advantage of the Windows Management Interface to correctly gauge your application's performance requirements.

Use Google APIs in .NET

Learn everything you need to start using .NET Web services to access Google Web APIs in your application.

Create Extensible .NET Apps

Take advantage of plug-ins to create highly extensible and highly customizable Windows Forms applications that serve your users' needs better.

Tap the Power of Inherited WinForms

Mix inheritance and Windows Forms to solve recurring UI-related problems.

Manage Localization of .NET Apps

Learn how to localize your applications easily with this robust localization and resource-management tool.

Create a .NET Agent

Save time by creating an extensible framework for a .NET agent. The framework offers a dynamically configurable job scheduler and notification service.

Simplify XML Data Validation

The second-generation .NET Framework builds on the tools of the first to provide better, more standards-compliant XML data validation.

Databind Objects and Collections

Take advantage of the fact that the Windows Forms databinding mechanism can use any .NET object that implements the IList interface as the data source.

Master .NET Configuration Files

Master the art of loading and saving configuration files using Visual Studio .NET. Also, learn about planned changes in VS.NET 2005.

Create Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET 2.0's master pages can help you develop consistent Web apps without the additional overhead of include files, user controls, or third-party add-ins.

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