In-Depth Features

Decoding Microsoft's MVC

Computer Zen's Scott Hanselman enlightens developers.

Can Chrome Lure Developers?

Google advances its JavaScript-centric Web dev strategy.

The Upside of ALM

Why software development as a repeatable business process may work for you.

Open Source Partner

DotNetNuke's Shaun Walker offers advice for .NET open source developers.

Call Oracle from ADO.NET

Learn to access enterprise data stored in Oracle database servers by calling PL/SQL stored procedures from ADO.NET client applications and discover implementation strategies for dealing with common business scenarios.

Survey: IT Hiring and Pay Still Up, But Employers 'Cautious'

With the U.S. economy still circling and unemployment on the rise, it's a good time to be in IT -- relatively speaking.

Tooling Around in Your Database

These products can help make your occasional forays into the world of databases much easier to take.

Silverlight 2: Olympic Trial

If Silverlight 2 wins the gold in Beijing, will it be ready to light up your rich Internet apps?

The OOXML Appeals: What Next?

Industry watcher Andy Updegrove on the future of OOXML and ISO.

The OOXML Appeals: What Next?

In-depth Q&A analyzes what developers can expect after the appeal's expected defeat.

Data Driver

Microsoft's Michael Pizzo talks up Entity Framework.

Slideshow: Visual Studio Magazine's 2008 Readers Choice Awards

SharePoint: Platform Rising

Enterprise SharePoint adoption is exploding and development managers are learning some hard lessons in the process.

Test-Drive SQL Server Data Services

Microsoft readies its new "cloud database" by hosting beta versions of REST and SOAP protocols for performing CRUD operations on clustered, customized SQL Server 2008 instances. These instances are organized as massively scalable, super-reliable, highly available Web services.

Decoding Bill

As the mantle of leadership at Microsoft shifts, what is Gates' legacy as a developer?

Master Builder

Paul Preiss champions the role of software architects.

Windows 7 Lockdown

Why has Microsoft clammed up about dev projects in the Windows and Windows Live groups, and what does it mean for developers?

Cyber Crime's Chief Investigator

Microsoft's first CSO shares his views on data security and Redmond's new trust model.


In Search of Trust

Microsoft's end-to-end trust initiative is long on vision, but short on developer details.

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