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Microsoft's Private Cloud Formation

As CIOs largely reject the early crop of cloud services for business-critical apps, Redmond readies private and hybrid cloud platforms.

Entity Sequel

Microsoft's second release of ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 could bring object-relational mapping to more developers, but exactly how many remains to be seen.

Q&A: Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Yousef Khalidi Discusses Private Cloud Migration

Yousef Khalidi talked about Microsoft's new Azure cloud services at the Interop trade show on Thursday.

Q&A: Microsoft's Bryan Sullivan Discusses SDL 4.1a

Microsoft Security Program Manager Bryan Sullivan talks about the new agile-focused SDL 4.1a.

Re-Architecting Azure

A year after the first technical previews of Azure, Microsoft is launching a less-ambitious platform with forklift revisions based on developer feedback.

Oracle Uses OpenWorld to Reassure Skeptics but Concerns Remain

Oracle used this week's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco to roll out new tools aimed at providing better integration of its disparate wares, but much of the focus at this year's annual event was on the company's pending $7.4 billion agreement to acquire Sun Microsystems.

Architects Look Ahead In Face of Weak Economy

Several hundred software and enterprise architects this week gathered from around the world to ponder and debate how to affect improvements in how systems and applications can be better engineered and made more adaptive.

More Enterprises Lean Toward Hybrid Agile Development

Proponents of Agile and lean software development methodologies say they are becoming more popular than traditional sequential methods in corporate app-dev groups. But implementation of a pure Agile method is still a rarity in the enterprise as hybrid approaches are starting to take hold.

Exit Interview: Sam Ramji Assesses Microsoft's Open Source Ascent

Microsoft's open source leader looks back on his tenure in Redmond.

Windows 7 Surfaces

IN-DEPTH: Microsoft's new client OS is flying high, but does it really make sense to migrate your apps to Windows 7?

Palm Deals Latest Setback to WinMo as Google Updates Android

Palm is the latest to cut support for Windows Mobile, as Google releases new Android SDK.

Microsoft Funds Open Source Foundation but Loses Top OSS Leader

Microsoft's new CodePlex Foundation aims to encourage commercial software companies to collaborate and contribute to open source communities.

Inquiry Focuses On Future of MySQL

The European Commission's decision to investigate Oracle's plan to acquire Sun Microsystems is focused largely on the future of the open source MySQL database.

Eliminate Database Dependencies in Test-Driven Development

How to avoid the end-to-end integration test problem with the Repository pattern.

Can Dev Camps Give Windows Mobile A Boost?

Inaugural event in Redmond hopes to engage developers of mobile applications.

PHP Versus ASP.NET Benchmarks Drive Debate

A new but unofficial performance benchmark test by a senior Microsoft developer is spurring debate in the ASP.NET and PHP communities, even as it reveals some surprising findings.

Microsoft's New .NET Rx Framework Tackles Challenges of Asynchronous Programming

Language design leader Erik Meijer describes new framework as a "breakthrough"in asynchronous programming.

2009 Readers Choice Awards

VSM readers honor the best commercial development tools.

Q&A: Microsoft's Scott Guthrie Breaks Down Silverlight 3 for Enterprise Developers

Microsoft's VP of the .NET Developer Platform group opens up on a wide range of topics, from debugging Silverlight apps to Silverlight's security model.

Q&A: Doug Seven on Visual Studio Team System 2010

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Doug Seven talks about the next version of VSTS.

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