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SPLA: A New Way To License Software

In the era of Software+Services, Microsoft takes a different approach to software licensing than Web hosting companies and managed service providers. Microsoft's Michael van Dijken explains in the Q&A.

Glue and Mortar

Zend co-founder talks about the new PHP framework, Yahoo! and open Web standards.

Microsoft's Open Course

Redmond is making bold promises about interoperability and standards, but is the company serious about changing the way it does business?

Reduce Code and Server Roundtrips

Utilize table-valued parameters to write less code and to achieve higher application performance.

Open Counsel

TopCoder's Ira Heffan weighs in on Microsoft's pledge to open its technology.

Microsoft's Office Transformation

Developers explore opportunities on Redmond's new platform.

Open Counsel

TopCoder’s General Counsel Ira Heffan weighs in on Microsoft’s pledge to open its technology.

VSLive! San Francisco Preview: LINQ to SQL Q&A with Perry Birch

Perry shares his take on the best LINQ to SQL features, walks you through the biggest changes from ObjectSpaces and more.

Build to Order

Are your software builds slowing you down? Powerful solutions streamline build and branch management.

Preview: The Big Launch

Microsoft rolls out 2008 versions of Visual Studio, Windows Server and SQL Server.

Connect Apps with WCF

Learn when and how to utilize Windows Communication Foundation to develop and maintain your communications layer when creating a loosely coupled, scalable, interoperable services-oriented application.

Alternatives in the Cloud, Google, and others challenge Microsoft with Web-based dev platforms.

On-Demand Pioneer's Steve Fisher talks about development beyond CRM.

Visual Studio 2008 Kicks Off

Visual Studio 2008 is all about integrating new .NET Framework 3.x Web and smart-client technology, increasing developer productivity, and managing the application lifecycle. Find out how VS 2008's greatly expanded feature set and new .NET Fx 3.5 namespaces can boost your career as a professional developer and add to your programming enjoyment.

VS 2008: The MIA Features

Visual Studio 2008 is an ambitious new release and it includes a slew of new language features and tools that were required to get LINQ up and running by itself and with SQL Server 200x. Of course, not everything planned made it into the product. Here's a description of the elements that were pared back and what their status is now.

VS 2008: The Road Ahead

Microsoft was already well on its way to creating the next version of Visual Studio (code-named "Hawaii") when it released VS 2008. Learn what the future holds for .NET developers.

The Original

Creator of the java programming language, James Gosling.


VB 2008 includes some terrific new XML functionality that will make you both more effective and more productive when working with XML in your applications.

Making Waves: Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry

Windows Mobile takes on BlackBerry as wireless spectrum shows signs of opening up.

Head of Web Programming

Scott Guthrie shares his views on the new Web and client development tools in Visual Studio 2008.

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