Inside VSTS

Creating a Release Manifest

A release manifest should be more than a list of all the files in a release; it should also give users a better idea of what features are available.

Branching in Visual Studio 2010

The new branch visualization feature brings order to the chaos of branching and merging.

Rosario: The Future of Work Items

Work item hierarchies have finally come into their own in the latest Rosario CTP.

Code Metrics

Mickey covers the basics on code metrics in Visual Studio 2008 Team System.

TFS Work Item Web Access

A key feature in SP1 of Team System Web Access, WIWA lets users enter and query items directly into Team System.

Using Excel To Manage Your Work Items

Learn how to integrate VSTS' Team Explorer into Project and Excel.

So You Want To Customize a Process Template

Process for process' sake is a waste of time. Jeff gives some pointers on how to create something more useful.

Working with Work Item Queries

Mickey shows you the basics of working with Work Item Queries in Team Foundation Server.

Performing Comparisons with Team Foundation Server

When the diffmerge tool in TFS isn't enough, here's how to replace it with something better.

The Red X of Death

Can't access the Documents or Reports folder? Mickey shows you the two most common causes for this problem and how to correct them.

What Can You Use TFS For?

You can repurpose it as a help desk software, for one -- but it takes a little know-how. Jeff walks through the steps.

Introducing the VSTS Database Edition GDR

The VSTS Database team announced a slew of new improvements at Tech-Ed. Jeff walks through some of the key changes.

Team Foundation Server Reports

The biggest benefit in TFS is its 25 out-of-the-box reports, but three of them are especially crucial to organizations. Jeff goes over each one.

The Joy of Sequence Diagrams

Rosario features a new and improved kind of class diagram. Jeff dives into the details.

Doing Architecture with Team System Rosario

Jeff goes through some features in the upcoming Rosario, including UML models and the new Architecture Explorer.

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