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Giving Back to the OSS Community

While we often talk of how we can leverage OSS to deliver a higher-quality product, rarely do we talk about how we can give back to the OSS community.

Write Faster Code by Adding VIM to Visual Studio

VIM is a text editor with a Visual Studio extension. Its time-saving power is well worth the learning curve.

Clean Up NuGet Dependencies With Chewie

Chewie is a domain-specific language that uses PowerShell to tame NuGet installations.

NSpec Simplifies Unit Testing

NSpec is a no-nonsense BDD framework for the .NET Framework, influenced by RSpec and leveraging NUnit assertions.

Chocolatey Goodness: A Sweet Installer

Chocolatey is a powerful installation program for open-source software.

Continuous Testing: Think Different

Continuous testing can dramatically increase your productivity. There are a number of open-source tools that do just that.

Enable Coded Builds with PowerShell and psake

Open Source .NET columnist Ian Davis explores creating domain specific languages to run coded builds.

Raking in the Rewards of Codified Build Scripts: Albacore

Build scripts are finally being treated as first-class development citizens, thanks to tools like psake, FAKE, and Rake + Albacore. Ian Davis explores the Ruby-based, open source Albacore DSL.

The IronLanguages Open Source Project

Late last year Microsoft took IronRuby, IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime projects open source. Here's a look at the open source dynamic language resources for Visual Studio.

Inside the NuGet Package Manager

The popular, open source Nuget Package Management system makes quick work of installing, configuring and updating third-party components in.NET projects.

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