Practical .NET

ASP.NET: Configuring WCF for REST with JSON

If you want to extend your ASP.NET application to include RESTful calls that return JSON results to JavaScript code in an AJAX page, here's how to manage your URLs to reduce errors, integrate with ASP.NET MVC, and pass objects from your browser to your server.

WCF and Service-Oriented Architectures

Windows Communication Foundation has steadily evolved to better support SOA and Web services. Here's how to get the most out of your WCF-based services architecture.

ASP.NET: Exploiting DataSources' Events

If you're using the ASP.NET DataSources, you may be missing an important part of their functionality: the power of their events. But sometimes the right event isn't on the DataSource.

Issuing SQL in Entity Framework

If you're considering a move into the world of LINQ and Entity Framework, you have to consider the possibility that LINQ and Entity Framework won't let you issue some bizarrely complicated SQL statement. Don't worry -- should that ever happen, you have options.

Performance Tips: Speed up Data Access

Faster performance in business applications comes down to reducing the "critical two" -- disk I/O and trips to the server. Doing that means doing a lot of things right, starting with your database design -- and tweaking your ADO.NET code helps, too.

Make Objects Look Alike... and Tell Them Apart

Here's everything you need to know to simplify your code about how to make classes look alike and then, when you need to, tell them apart.

ASP.NET: Extending the Config File with Custom Sections

If you want to do a better job of managing your configuration settings than just throwing random data into appSettings, you can extend your config file with your own custom XML and actually edit your settings.

Why You Really Should Be Using LINQ

Peter Vogel introduces a new column on application development in the real world, and begins by advocating for Language Integrated Query.

Not Using LINQ Yet? Here's a Few Reasons Why.

Peter Vogel introduces a new column on application development in the real world, and begins by advocating for Language Integrated Query.

Productivity Enhancements in ASP.NET MVC 3

Peter Vogel takes a look at Razor and the productivity gains in generating views that ASP.NET MVC 3 provides to developers.

My Biggest ASP.NET Programming Mistake

VSM columnist Peter Vogel builds an ASP.NET application that is too clever by half, and finds himself at odds with the very environment he is supposed to be leveraging.

Drawing Conclusions from the jQuery Extensions

Peter Vogel wraps up his review of the jQuery extensions by waxing philosophical about what those extensions mean to the kind of tools that developers should expect.

Implementing Deletes with Template Event Handlers

Peter Vogel implements deletes for rows in a template by adding event handlers to the template. He also looks at a feature of the tmpl plugin that he wasn't able to shoehorn into his sample project. (Part 3 of 4)

Supporting Updates with jQuery Data Linking

Peter extends his AJAX page with jQuery's new data linking technology. This supports letting the user make changes on the client that are passed back to a Web service that updates the database on the server.

Displaying and Filtering Data with jQuery Templates

Building on the new jQuery extensions for displaying multiple rows, Peter builds a page that retrieves data from a Web Service based on the user's input -- and filters the data in the client as well.

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