Practical .NET

Integrating User Controls with WebParts

In his ongoing campaign to convince ASP.NET developers that User Controls are a simple way to start implementing customizable pages, Peter shows how to improve the integration between User Controls and ASP.NET's WebPart framework.

Encrypting the Web.Config File

If you're concerned about keeping critical information in your Web.config file, then you should encrypt it -- or at least the parts that you're concerned about.

Handling Concurrency with Entity Framework

If you want to use Entity Framework in ASP.NET, you're going to need to handle concurrency problems. Here are some suggestions from a Microsoft "architect evangelist."

Handling Concurrency with ObjectDataSource

Peter revisits the problem of dealing with multiple updates to the same data, but this time he looks at a solution that involves the ObjectDataSource.

JavaScript for an ASP.NET Developer: Constructing Functions

In the last installment of this three-part series, Peter overcomes the final obstacle before achieving JavaScript nirvana: attaching a constructor to a JavaScript "item."

JavaScript for the ASP.NET Developer: Learning To Function

Peter continues to explore the differences between the .NET object-oriented, server-side languages he's used to and the world of JavaScript.

JavaScript for the ASP.NET Developer

Peter has been experiencing culture shock as he adapts to working with JavaScript, starting with the discovery that JavaScript isn't an object-oriented language.

Getting E-Mail Out the Door

Having looked at how to prepare an e-mail object, Peter turns his attention to getting the message mailed to someone.

The MailMessage Always Delivers

The MailMessage object that's part of .NET lets you send e-mail notifications to your users and supports all the customizations you'd want in e-mail.

On UI: Forget About the 'Experts'

Peter returns to the topic of user interfaces to explain why you shouldn't waste any time helping your "expert" users -- and what you should be doing instead.

'U' Scream, 'I' Scream: A UI Rant

Set aside ASP.NET for now. Let's talk about the most fundamental error developers make in designing their site's user interface.

Adding Events to User Controls

To fully exploit User Controls, you need to treat them as object -- which includes having them fire events. If firing your own events is new to you, here's a step-by-step guide.

User Controls as Objects

ASP.NET developers don't fully exploit User Controls -- until they start thinking of them as "User Interface" objects.

Create a Reporting Dashboard with WebPartZones (But Without WebParts)

All you need to let your users customize their Web pages is the ability to create UserControls.

Displaying and Updating Dynamic DataBound Columns with ObjectDataSource

Peter continues his series on integrating cascading DropDownLists with databound controls. But this time, he looks at what's different when you're using the ObjectDataSource.