Redmond Review

Andrew Brust Explores Microsoft's Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office 2010, the new version of Redmond's flagship productivity suite, offers great value through important new features. But could they be doing better?

The HTML 5 Standard: Innovation or Oxymoron?

The next version of the Hypertext Markup Language, HTML 5, will bring true semantic capabilities to Web documents, augmenting their human-readable content with machine-readable data and metadata. Because of this, HTML 5 will affect the day-to-day work of Web developers everywhere.

Open Data, Open Microsoft

I've always been a data guy. I think data maintenance, sharing and analysis is the inspiration for almost all line-of-business software, and technology that makes any or all of it easier is key to platform success.

iPad's Platform Impact

By many accounts, the Apple iPad has been a disappointment -- even Apple "fanboy" bloggers and tweeters have proclaimed themselves underwhelmed.

Life After 7: Windows New

What can Microsoft do to preserve the relevance of Windows -- and the crucial revenue stream that derives from it?

2009 Annual Review: A Year in Microsoft Development

I began writing Redmond Review one year ago, with a column covering the 2008 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC2008).

Bridging the Document-Data Divide

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) 2009 event defied the tough economic times. With more than 7,400 attendees, SPC eclipsed the size of this year's TechEd and MIX confabs combined.

Fast Data at Redmond High

After the much-delayed release of SQL Server 2005 finally came to pass at the end of its namesake year, Microsoft made a promise to release a new version of SQL Server every two to three years, from that point on.

A Winning Campaign: Remain in Office

REDMOND REVIEW: Since Bill Gates proclaimed Microsoft's Internet strategy in his Internet Tidal Wave memo of 1995, people have been cynical of Microsoft's embrace of the public network.

The Value of Known Entities

Since the birth of Visual Basic and Access, Microsoft has burned through a series of data-access APIs.

Your Platform Needs You

How .NET developers can help Microsoft face growing threats to its .NET franchise.

Integration, Not Capitulation

Microsoft isn't exiting the business intelligence market; it's redefining it.

Remembrance of Code Past

PHP and MySQL have beaten Microsoft at the game it practically invented.

What's Old Is New Again

Aligning SQL in the cloud to SQL on the ground is about more than just common sense. It's about getting things done.

Three-Ring Circus?

The convergence of the "three screens" -- PC, TV and Phone -- and what it means for developers.

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