Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management

Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management provides a centralized way to create, manage and share environments in your domain-joined Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 development shop.

5 Reasons You Should Care About HTML5

Before you dismiss HTML5 as not ready for prime time or too lightweight for real developers, consider these five reasons that you should get excited about it.

Reverse the V Model and Test First

Test-first development is an approach to software development that focuses on results: Tell me the expected outcome, not the requirements.

SQL or No SQL for Big Data in the Cloud?

The relational model and SQL dominate today's database landscape, but NoSQL is gaining adherents in the era of "big data." But Roger Jennings says SQL and NoSQL may not be as exclusive as many developers think.

Peering Ahead to Windows 8

By now, you may have heard rumblings of Microsoft's next big bet, Windows 8.

Copy and Paste: Redmond's Open Source Strategy

On occasion I've been surprised that Microsoft has put significant effort into developing features and functionality already available within the developer ecosystem.

Windows: ARMed and Dangerous

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event was nothing short of a tablet extravaganza -- and it may go down as the turning point where the PC earned a new lease on life.

A Look at Silverlight 5

On Dec. 2, 2010, at the Silverlight Firestarter event, we unveiled Silverlight 5.

The HTML5 Factor

During the 2010 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in late October, the keynote address demonstrated Internet Explorer 9 and its superb support for HTML5.

A Lap Around Visual Studio for Windows Phone

Enabling developers to build what they dream and easily get their creations to phone users is central to how Windows Phone 7 provides amazing experiences. Windows Phone 7 makes this easier with a new application development platform.

Discretionary Development at Microsoft

Have you ever wondered why the Microsoft Base Class Library (BCL) lacks an IEnumerable<T>.ForEach(...) method?

Silverlight Surprise

PreEmptive Solutions became a Visual Studio insider (literally) when Microsoft began shipping our Dotfuscator CE code obfuscation module with Visual Studio back in 2003.

Evolving User Experience with Microsoft Expression Studio 4

People demand the best user experience with the technology they use every day -- from PCs and TVs to mobile devices.

Microsoft's View: ALM for Everyone

ALM should be attainable and affordable -- that's why we've included Team Foundation Server 2010 with nearly every MSDN subscription purchased with Visual Studio 2010.

VS2010: Raising the Bar for SharePoint and Office Development

When the Visual Studio Team started developing the latest version of the product, we knew that improving support for Office and SharePoint was paramount.

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