Monitoring System Power Status

With the use of portable devices on the rise, you may find a need to monitor how much life is in the system your application finds itself running on.

Generating Code with CodeSmith

CodeSmith Studio supports the creation of code-generation projects for a wide variety of outputs-though it has limited integration with Visual Studio.

Listening to ThunderMain

Windows provides an ongoing stream of general system notifications that you can fairly easily hook into.

Types and Tuples in .NET 4

Visual Basic 10 introduces new generic tuple classes that can help you get more done with less -- if you're careful about it.

No Such Thing as a Windowless VB App

All Classic VB apps have at least one top-level window. Normally out of reach, you can put them to good use if you know how to get to them.

Inside Alternative Data Streams

NTFS offers an almost unknown way to obscure streams of data behind the most innocent looking files. Find out how to do this with VB6.

Microsoft's VB6 Support Strategy?

After years neglecting the VB6 community, Microsoft seems to be missing something. Us!

Finding an Associated Executable

After using a given API for a decade or more, you tend to just take it for granted that it works. Karl Peterson shows how he worked around a challenge when it didn't.

Getting Current on MEF

ASK KATHLEEN: Readers explore Managed Extensibility Framework, using callback delegates and how to create the equivalent of a C# partial interface in Visual Basic.

Threading and the UI

ON VB: Four ways to synchronize threads with your app's user interface.

Turbo Charge Visual Studio with DevExpress CodeRush

REVIEW: DevExpress CodeRush 9.2 is a powerful productivity booster for .NET developers that includes the Refactor! Pro tools from Developer Express.

Finding the Right Tool For the Job

Tired of wondering which version of dumpbin or link is executing? Would you like to copy that tool you use all the time to another machine, but can't seem to find it? Here's a little utility that can help.

Thoughtful UI Tweaks Can Make All the Difference

The difference between a successful program and a complete flop may come down to how you treat your users. Here's one simple way to avoid needlessly annoying your users.

Persisting Environment Variables

Creating and persisting new environment variables can be surprisingly tricky in Classic VB. Here's how to avoid a common trap.

Reacting to the Mousewheel

ClassicVB was created in a pre-Mousewheel era, hard as that may be to conceive. Here’s how you can watch for, and react to, the user spinning that now-ubiquitous device.

Hooking the Mouse

Subclass multiple controls with a single class module to add the missing MouseEnter and MouseLeave events.

Subclassing the XP Way

Windows XP offers a much-improved method to subclass windows. Is it the right call for you to make?

5 Tips for Developing with 64-Bit Windows

64-bit-capable machines are everywhere. It's time you start thinking about 64-bit support as you develop your Visual Basic applications.

Test-Driving MonoDevelop 2.0

Is the open source IDE for cross-platform .NET development a viable alternative to Visual Studio 2008?

July Product Watch: AVIcode Intercept uX, Mykonos 1.0, More

Visual Studio Magazine gives a rundown of AVIcode's Intercept uX, Mykonos' 1.0 AJAX security framework, and Borland's TeamDefine.

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