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Using Element to Element Binding for ToolTips in Silverlight

Silverlight 3 or higher provides a feature called “element to element” binding that allows one element to bind to another element’s property.

Simplify Calling a WCF Service from Silverlight

Large-scale Silverlight applications can end up making hundreds of calls from the application to WCF service operations. Here's how to consolidate those calls into a single method.

Requiring SSL for MVC Controllers

ASP.NET MVC provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to changing how controllers, actions, routes and more work within an application. Having flexibility is good especially when you need to make a modification quickly without having to write a lot of code to get the change in place.

Silverlight Control Touch Up in Blend

How to clean up the disabled state of a Silverlight control using Expression Blend.

Make Silverlight 3 Application Code More Compatible with Blend

Use the DesignProperties class to prevent code errors in the Blend designer.

What's New in Silverlight 3?

The newest version of Microsoft's answer to Flash is now out. Dan gives a quick rundown of what's different, from the improved graphics and networking support to new controls and styles.

Consuming WCF Services in Silverlight 3

If you've consumed an ASP.NET ASMX Web service before, then you'll feel right at home consuming a WCF service.

Creating a Silverlight-Enabled WCF Service

Silverlight is capable of consuming data from a variety of sources including REST APIs, ASMX services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and other standards-compliant services.

Using Silverlight's WebClient Class

The WebClient class gives you a straightforward way to access distributed service data without having to worry about a lot of asynchronous complexities.

Data Access Options in Silverlight 2

Silverlight 2 lets you access and manipulate data several ways, thanks to a data access framework that's built right in.

Using the Visual State Manager in Silverlight Templates

Expression Blend 2 lets you add different effects to your Silverlight apps and enhance users' experience -- and with less code than you might think. All you need is Visual State Manager.

Using Styles to Define Silverlight 2 Control Templates

Control templates let you manage the look and feel of a control and customize the way it's rendered in an application.

Adding Style to Silverlight 2 Controls

Just make sure to avoid duplicating properties between controls, and everyone will be happy.

Animating Clipping Paths in Silverlight 2

Dan walks through building a "sports score scroller" to show clipping paths in action.

Silverlight 2 User Input Controls

Dan shows you the basics of using Silverlight's user input controls to give users a richer experience when they enter data.

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