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Would Microsoft Move Yahoo To SQL Server?

Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo last week certainly opened up a new saga in Redmond and Silicon Valley. Only time will tell whether Microsoft actually bags Yahoo. If it does, Microsoft certainly has created plenty of food for thought for database administrators and developers, who will certainly want to see how Redmond handles Yahoo's data management infrastructure.

Yahoo, of course, is one of the many success stories touted by MySQL, the largest supplier of open source database software, which last month agreed to be acquired by Sun Microsystems for $1 billon.

MySQL is the underlying database of numerous Yahoo properties including Yahoo Finance and the Flickr photo sharing services, among other highly trafficked properties. So that begs the question: Would Microsoft actually swap out the MySQL infrastructure and put in SQL Server in the spirit of its Windows Everywhere message?

I spoke to Jeffrey McManus, principal of San Francisco consulting firm Platform Associates and a former director of Yahoo's developer network from 2005-2006, who had an interesting perspective on that and other implications of Microsoft acquiring Yahoo.

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 02/06/2008

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