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VSM June Issue Preview

It's been a busy few months in the .NET development space, what with MIX 11, Tech-Ed North America and other events producing plenty of important keynotes and new announcements. But as we learn more about Windows Phone "Mango," and Visual Studio vNext, and, maybe someday, that elusive beast perhaps called Windows 8, the editors and authors at Visual Studio Magazine have been hard at work. Here's what's on tap for June.

On the cover is Roger Jennings' in-depth look at Microsoft's efforts to enable application migration to Windows Azure on- and off-premise cloud infrastructure. Jennings looks at the progress the Windows Azure team has made since PDC 10, and the impact Scott Guthrie, incoming corporate vice president of the Azure Application Platform, might have on Microsoft's cloud making efforts.

Tools Editor Peter Vogel is as busy as ever this month. He authors a Practical .NET column that looks at how developers can get the most out of their WCF-based services architectures, and a VS Toolbox review of ComponentOne's XapOptimizer Silverlight app shrinking tool. But what really kept Vogel busy this month was the Visual Studio Toolapalooza. This feature breaks down 17 top free tools and add-ins for Visual Studio developers. Got a tool you'd like us to hear about? Let us know!

Nick Randolph is back this month with his Mobile Corner column, where he dives into the mysteries of the Windows Phone 7 application lifecycle. It's important to know how WP7 apps behave when they are not on center stage, and Nick's handy how-to offers some tricks for handling tombstoning. C# developers should check out Patrick Steele's exploration of lambda properties and how they can replace subclassing to enable specific functionality. Are lambda properties a good alternative? Give it a read and let Patrick know.

Andrew Brust in June looks at Microsoft after the lifting of the United States v. Microsoft consent decree, and wonders if the company can return to the bold strategies that made it dominant in the first place. There's more of course, like Jeff Levinson's turn in our VS Insider column, where he delves into test first development and the mindset it requires, and Mark Bowytz' latest account of epic developer fail in DevDisasters.

Look for it all on June 1st.

Posted by Michael Desmond on 05/26/2011

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