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Visual Studio Live! Austin 2016: Looking Into Visual Studio's Future

In the Tuesday keynote, Visual Studio Principal Group Program Manager Tarek Madkour gives an early sneak peek into the new innovations of the upcoming Visual Studio “15", .NET and Visual Studio Team Services releases.

Posted on 05/18/20160 comments

Visual Studio Live! Austin 2016: Coding, Composition, and Combinatorics

In the Wednesday general session, author, speaker, designer, developer, consultant, trainer, contrarian, and UI expert Billy Hollis offers his usual mix of humor, ranting, new ideas, and examples to help you understand why the combinatorics of composing offers you vast flexibility with less work, giving you the ability to create software with more value and stability.

Posted on 05/16/20160 comments

Visual Studio Live! Austin 2016: JavaScript and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine

In the Tuesday general session, Scott Hanselman, Microsoft's Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools, explores the relationship between the cloud and the browser, many languages and one language, how it might all fit together and what might come next.

Posted on 05/15/20160 comments

Live! 360 Session: Build the Next YouTube With Windows Azure Media Services

Windows Azure Media Services is a platform for uploading, managing, and delivering media content to a variety of devices at a cloud scale. In this talk, Sasha Goldshtein shows how to manage media assets using the Azure Portal and the Media Services .NET SDK, how to encode and package media for progressive download and smooth streaming, and how to author clients on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X). He also discusses developing an end-to-end solution for building the next YouTube using Windows Azure Media Services.


Posted on 02/03/20140 comments

Live! 360 Session: Building Enterprise Apps With Windows Azure

At a Live!360 session, speakers Vishwas Lele and Jack O'Connell show you how to build enterprise-level hybrid cloud with Windows Azure.

Posted on 01/30/20140 comments

Don Jones: The Power of PowerShell for Devs

In this video interview, Don Jones, co-chair of Live! 360's SQL Server Live! conference, discusses why developers need to know PowerShell, and why SQL Server and Windows Azure are a good fit.

Posted on 12/13/20130 comments

.NET Rocks at Live! 360 (Video)

The .NET Rocks crew has a wide-ranging discussion with a Live! 360 Orlando 2013 conference panel about all things Microsoft.

Posted on 12/05/20130 comments

Video: Cross-Platform Development With Xamarin

In this 50+-minute video, Xamarin's James Montemagno shows how to build cross-platform apps using C# as part of the .NET Rocks Roadshow visiting Live! 360 and Visual Studio Live!.

Posted on 12/05/20130 comments

Billy Hollis: Radical Change & The Future of Dev

Software guru Billy Hollis critiques the conventional thinking on the radical changes in the development industry in his Live! 360/Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2013 Keynote.

Posted on 12/02/20130 comments

Visual Studio Live!: Microsoft's Kris Lankford Keynote Video

Microsoft's Kris Lankford talks about modern apps and the transformation of software development/the application lifecycle in his Visual Studio Live! Orlando 2013 keynote.

Posted on 11/20/20130 comments

Mary Jo Foley on All Things Microsoft (Keynote Video)

Andrew Brust talks with Mary Jo Foley at Live! 360 Orlando 2013 about Microsoft's evolving attitude toward .NET developers, what's new in Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Azure, and much, much more.

Posted on 11/20/20130 comments

Video Interview with Microsoft's Kris Lankford

Following his keynote at Live! 360/Visual Studio Live! Orlando this morning, Microsoft's Kris Lankford talks about the skills and technologies for modern .NET development.


Posted on 11/19/20130 comments

Video Q&A: Mary Jo Foley

Live from Live! 360, veteran Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley talks with Visual Studio Magazine editor Keith Ward about the future of Microsoft development.


Posted on 11/19/20130 comments

Video Q&A: Miguel Castro on Dependency Injection

Visual Studio Live! speaker Miguel Castro explains why dependency injection has become more important than ever with the rise of unit testing in development.

Posted on 09/17/20130 comments

Video Q&A: IDC's Al Hilwa

IDC Analyst Al Hilwa talks about Microsoft's efforts in building a Windows 8 ecosystem, and whether .NET developers should be worried about their skillset becoming obsolete.

Posted on 09/09/20130 comments

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