The Way to Sharepoint

Tips and techniques for .NET Web developers moving to SharePoint 2010.


MonoDroid Tutorial Part 2: Building a MonoDroid App

In the second part of this tutorial series, Wallace McClure walks you through the basics of creating a MonoDroid app.

MonoDroid Tutorial Part 1: Introduction to MonoDroid

In the first part of this tutorial series, Wallace McClure walks you through what MonoDroid is and how .NET developers can use it to create Android apps.

Understanding the Dynamic Keyword in C# 4

The dynamic keyword brings exciting new features to C# 4. Find out how it works and why it simplifies a lot of your coding tasks, including some handy COM interop possibilities.

Developer Tips: Making the SharePoint Transition

ASP.NET developers can have trouble finding their way through the SharePoint maze, because much of what they know is wrong. Here's a baker's dozen of tips to lead you in the right direction.

Ask Kathleen

How to Generate Code from a UML Model in Visual Studio 2010

The UML modeler is a powerful new tool, especially when it's backed with a code-generation system.

C# Corner

C# Object Equality in .NET

Explore ways to override the default concepts of object equality, based on reference and value types, in the Microsoft .NET Framework.


The Regex Code Review

Bob had sent out a single VB.NET function with an accompanying class definition. Its sole purpose in life was to see if at least one of the terms, passed as an array of strings, existed in the second parameter, a document body. Jed was positive that somewhere, a Reverse Polish Notation calculator was crying.


Windows Phone 7 Coming on Fast

IDC last month released a report examining the uptake of Windows Phone 7 mobile devices and application development.

Letters from Readers

Silverlight Debate in the .NET Survival Guide

In our January cover story, ".NET Survival Guide," we published a series of capsule explorations of various .NET development sectors, including one capsule focused on Web and RIA development.

Redmond Review

Tablet Toast or Slate Salvation?

Microsoft's current and former CEOs have opened the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for years. But Android's popularity at the show should push Microsoft to do something innovative on the tablet front.


Windows: ARMed and Dangerous

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event was nothing short of a tablet extravaganza -- and it may go down as the turning point where the PC earned a new lease on life.

Product Reviews

Amethyst and WebOrb Integrate Flash Development with Visual Studio

Well-integrated environment from SapphireSteel lets .NET developers create Flex applications for the Flash platform.

Visualizing BI with Infragistics NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization

The controls in the Infragistics Data Visualization package are cool. But you'll need to work through the sample applications to take advantage of them.

.NET Insight

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