.NET at the Crossroads

How the Microsoft co-evolution strategy has shaped the direction of C# and Visual Basic.


Not Just a Designer: Code First in Entity Framework

Code First is a new development approach in the Entity Framework 4.1 stack that can simplify the understanding and maintenance of your domain model.

Silverlight Code: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

A developer's guide to unlocking the power of code reusability.

Visual Basic and C# at the Crossroads

How the Microsoft co-evolution strategy has shaped the two flagship languages of the .NET Framework, and what it means for developers going forward.

Code Focused

Is Visual Studio LightSwitch the New Access?

The LightSwitch RAD platform generates apps with "no coding required." What's in it for you? .NET apps that are easier to maintain and extensions built on the Managed Extensibility Framework.


Tale of the Cryptic Encoding

Someone named Robbie had created a posting asking for assistance in resolving a problem with a simple Visual Basic .NET console application. It was used to retrieve and process product registrations and credit card transactions via the Internet for a piece of niche shareware.


All Things to All People

Bigger is better. At least, that seems to be the philosophy at the Microsoft Developer Division.

Letters from Readers

ViewModel Questions

Benjamin Day's exploration of leveraging the ViewModel in Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 development ("6 MVVM Tips") generated plenty of feedback.

Practical .NET

Performance Tips: Speed up Data Access

Faster performance in business applications comes down to reducing the "critical two" -- disk I/O and trips to the server. Doing that means doing a lot of things right, starting with your database design -- and tweaking your ADO.NET code helps, too.

Redmond Review

Redmond, 'Start-up' Your Engines

Microsoft's needs to make its cutting-edge products and research more visible if it hopes to capture young organizations that today often align with the LAMP stack.

UI Code Expert

Visual Studio Solution Architecture for a WPF Application

Complex applications require careful architecting to reduce the amount of code movement between Visual Studio projects and the renaming of corresponding namespaces and folders.


SQL or No SQL for Big Data in the Cloud?

The relational model and SQL dominate today's database landscape, but NoSQL is gaining adherents in the era of "big data." But Roger Jennings says SQL and NoSQL may not be as exclusive as many developers think.

Product Reviews

Upgrading to Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Assuming you don't have any beta software installed, what will you get when you apply service pack 1 to your copy of Visual Studio 2010?

.NET Insight

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