New Migration Paths to Azure

Will improved tools and hybrid features ramp up deployments to the Microsoft cloud?


17 Free Tools for Visual Studio

We look at 17 of the best free Visual Studio and .NET tools and add-ins.

New Migration Paths to the Microsoft Cloud

Will emerging developer tools and hybrid Platform as a Service features ramp up project and data deployments to Windows Azure?

C# Corner

Lambda Properties: An Alternative to Subclassing?

This article will introduce you to the concept of exposing parts of your application logic as lambda properties. By making these properties read/write, you can plug in specific functionality with more control than subclassing.


The 'Groundbreaking and Revolutionary' Update

For MegaCorp's end-of-quarter presentation, the VP of marketing arranged a demo for a feature that he had contracted an outside consultant to add to the new version of the company's customer-facing online application.


The Sinofsky Shuffle

When Scott Guthrie, former corporate vice president of the .NET Platform at Microsoft, left the Developer Division to head up a new Windows Azure business unit, I was more than concerned.

Letters from Readers

.NET Languages at the Crossroads

Readers respond to the May cover story (".NET at the Crossroads") on the direction of C# and Visual Basic.

Mobile Corner

The Windows Phone 7 Application Lifecycle

A walk through the Windows Phone 7 application lifecycle with some tricks to effectively handle tombstoning.

Practical .NET

WCF and Service-Oriented Architectures

Windows Communication Foundation has steadily evolved to better support SOA and Web services. Here's how to get the most out of your WCF-based services architecture.

Redmond Review

Redmond Unshackled

On Nov. 2, 2001, Microsoft and the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) reached a settlement in the antitrust action against Redmond. The terms of that decree expired in May.


Reverse the V Model and Test First

Test-first development is an approach to software development that focuses on results: Tell me the expected outcome, not the requirements.

Product Reviews

Shrink Silverlight Apps with XapOptimizer

XapOptimizer can substantially shrink the size of your Silverlight XAP files, giving your users faster downloads. While the result is almost magical, there are reasons to be wary.

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