A New Workflow for TFS Build

The seven levels of adoption that can help your team take advantage of Microsoft build automation.


Application Analytics: Why Is the Developer Always the Last to Know?

A look at how developers can use the integrated application analytics capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 to improve software quality.

Parallel Programming: The Path from Multicore to Manycore

Lots more cores are coming -- but don't panic. Look for abstract programming methods pioneered by the MIT Cilk project to span to the future to address task parallelism, data parallelism and safety for multicore and manycore development.

Levels of TFS Build Automation

Your team won't achieve automated build nirvana overnight. Here's how to break down the process and adopt the changes in the Microsoft build system.

Code Focused

An Encrypted String Data Type for Visual Studio LightSwitch

Learn how to extend support for Microsoft C#-only BlankExtension/BizType projects to Visual Basic.


Developer Fail: A Few Precious Seconds

Power user Alice strikes; can the code save our programming hero?


Silverlight's Stumble?

In this month's editor's column, Mike Desmond looks at the Silverlight issue.

Letters from Readers

Letters: Looking into Lambdas

C# Corner columnist Patrick Steele recently explored the idea of using lambda methods as a way to plug in specific functionality with more control than subclassing and readers respond.

Redmond Review

Innovation in the Margins; Adaptation in the Spotlight

Andrew Brust on Microsoft's whistle-stop demo tour.

UI Code Expert

Exploring XAML Markup Extensions

Learn about the often-overlooked XAML extensibility resource, and how you can make custom markup extensions of your own.


5 Reasons You Should Care About HTML5

Before you dismiss HTML5 as not ready for prime time or too lightweight for real developers, consider these five reasons that you should get excited about it.

Product Reviews

Review: Peek at Someone Else's Code with Red Gate Reflector

When all you have is a DLL or an EXE, .NET Reflector will let you recreate C# or Visual Basic code from the assembly. But the real story here is the .NET Reflector integration with Visual Studio.

.NET Insight

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